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New on Hasselblad Historical

New on Hasselblad Historical

Victor Hasselblad - The Man Behind the Camera

[May 2016] Victor Hasselblad - The Man Behind the Camera.

Journal publishes a long awaited English language edition of Sören Gunnarsson's "Victor Hasselblad - Mannen bakom kameran".
This (updated) translation of Victor Hasselblad's biography is the result of many years of research and is based on extensive interviews and voluminous correspondence. Apart from relating the story of the man behind the camera, the book also contains a record of Hasselblad camera models and describes the events that took place when the company changed from analogue to digital photography.

'Equivalent' 35 mm format (24x36 mm) focal lengths

[May 2009] Comparison of Hasselblad and 35 mm format focal lengths.

Three tables present an answer to the often asked question about the 'equivalent' focal lengths of 35 mm format lenses used on 24x36 mm format, compared to the Zeiss/Hasselblad lenses used on Hasselblad's image formats.

Historical Hasselblad Points of Interest for Visitors to Göteborg

[December 2008] Updated maps.

The maps that guide you on your walk through Göteborg past sites of historical interest have been updated.

Ross Military Cameras

[July 2008] Ross cameras - Additional parts online now.

New sections about the Ross SKa 4, SKa 4a, MK80 and SKa 5 cameras have been added to Charlie Chernoff´s article about the cameras Victor Hasselblad built for the Swedish armed forces during WW2.

News about Hasselblad Historical - RSS feed

[May 2008] RSS feed.

Hasselblad Historical has added a (this) list of recent additions to the site´s content, offering a one-glance chance to see what´s new on the site.
You can view the list on every page of the Hasselblad Historical site itself, but also subscribe to it using an RSS-feed reader of choice.

Hasselblad Historical is not a project run by professionals who´s only job it is to do so, but is managed by a handfull of Hasselblad enthusiasts, who can only spend a limited amount of their time on the project.
So progress will be slow, and new items will not appear as frequently as the fact that this RSS news feed is now being offered may suggest.
Please be patient. We do our best!

Mismatch Register

[May 2008] Mismatch register.

Hasselblad Historical has opened a register of mismatched Hasselblad items, offering a way to find the matching other half of mismatched magazines and other Hasselblad items you may posess.

Register your mismatched items with Hasselblad Historical, and see on the Mismatch Register page if the part you are looking for has turned up elsewhere, or if someone else is perhaps looking for the part you are holding.

The idea for this register was first suggested by mr David Miller, who is looking to reunite the mismatched items in his HK1 kit with their proper ´other halves´.
Thank you, David! And apologies for the fact that it took so long!

Hasselblad meets Rollei

[April 2008] Shoot out at Råö.

Victor Hasselblad and Reinhold Heidecke, of Rollei fame, meet at Victor´s home at Råö, and have a friendly photographic shoot out.

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